Edward Snowden’s NFT

Artwork auction depicts how cryptography can support activism.

The former CIA contractor, in self-imposed exile in Russia since exposing the NSA’s sweeping domestic surveillance program in 2013, alluded to the leak in the NFT.

Elevator pitch: “Stay Free” is a display of digital activism and decentralized power. A symbol of endurance and peaceful defiance.

Valuation: $5.4M USD - 4/17/21. Profits donated to Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Differentiation: The piece is based on a photo by visual artist Platon, depicts a shaded Snowden face set against a US court decision ruling the mass surveillance program Snowden exposed had violated US law. Snowden signed the visual portrait directly.

Bull or Bear? Bull. Inspirational and authentic, this NFT’s value will continue to grow.

Fetch: Foundation