Thug Life

The "Deal With It Meme" Sunglasses NFT

The controversial post-internet artist Ryder Ripps listed the iconic meme for auction as an NFT: the text and sunglasses used to popularize “deal with it / Thug Life” GIFs.

Elevator pitch: “Deal With It” is a Photoshop template made for users of social media platform, in 2010 which help spread the Thug Life attitude into a viral meme.

Valuation: $42,930 USD - 5/1/21

Differentiation: What’s unique about this NFT is that it’s not just selling the original Photoshop template but also the full rights to this image & meme. Typically NFTs offer buyers ownership of a copy of an image, not the full image and its derivatives.

Bull or Bear? Bull. Given the type of ownership rights purchased, this NFT potentially provides licensing royalties on millions of memes.

Fetch: Foundation